Barrel cam meets a swinging Will Smith

Check out another cut of some barrel cam footage given to me by John Miller. Great guy, great footage and there will be more to come!


The End Result…

…of laying in the middle of a GFL game.

One of the reasons I enjoy shooting Grid Fighters so much is there flexibility with the photographers. They allow us to lay in the middle of the field to take snaps of the players, similar to how refs watch players for hits.

There is an understanding though that you will get hurt when your out there. Beware for players foot traffic (don’t get stepped on!) and their guns as stray balls are always a problem.

Word of advice, cross your legs and squeeze them cheeks!

-Robjust chillin

Is That Even Legal?!

Before you all freak out about his hopper hit, he got it a split second before the photo was taken.

But wait, this even legal? I thought you have you be looking where your shooting. Or is he?

Click on the photo for the high res version!


One point away

Point point away

Montreal 1 point away from wining brand new Lv1’s along with guardian tank’s. Congrats for Brantford Stealth for wining in Grid fighters Pro division.

Macro heavy

IMG_4692_final_oc I always love seeing the paintballs that fill up the corners of a field. Thanks again Kelsie!

Down low…

IMG_4546_final_ocKeeping low in snake is key, how do you do it? Knees? tummy? Duck walk?
Thanks again Kelsie for this great picture!

More paintball! We want more!

IMG_4536_final_oc There is never enough paintball… ever…

instead enjoy this shot from Kelsie McCabe!


IMG_4701_final_oc Spilling minimal paintballs in speedball is tough, you can see how Kelsie caught a bunch of them falling.

Smokey… GFL E2

IMG_4781_final_ocThanks to Kelsie again for this great shot! Nothing like good mask splatter.

R7 Camera

Pretty Sick R7 camera tape on the luxe